How Fendi Casa Continues to Thrive After Getting Sold

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August 5, 2021

How Fendi Casa Continues to Thrive After Getting Sold If you are into luxury furniture, you must have heard the name, Fendi Casa. The [1] LVMH-owned brand has hit the headlines yet again. They launched a joint venture with Design Holding, an Italian design group that also distributes products such as B&B Italia and Flos lighting.

Design Holding is backed by Investindustrial and Carlyle Group. They became the major shareholder in this partnership to help Fendi Casa increase their presence in homecare. The project was led by Silvia Venturini Fendi, who provided the project with creative guidance. The project will be revealed in January during Milan’s Salone del Mobile design show.

What Prompted the Move

After [2] the demise of Alberto Vignatelli, the Living Luxury producer in 2017, everything changed. The company was bought by Lifestyle Design Group, a rival Italian furniture group that was formerly known as Poltrona Frau. This led to the loss of the Fendi Casa license, marking the end of an era. Vignatelli led the expansion of the fashion industry to become licensed furniture in the late ‘80s.

Reinventing the Brand

After the partnership, Fendi Casa, which specializes in home accessories and luxury furniture restarted its operations with the new partner. The first order of business was to enter a new development era by relaunching its luxury collection.

The joint venture was named Fashion Furniture Design, whose aim is to make interior pieces and furniture in the luxury industry. The venture has put Fendi Casa’s name on the international market, ensuring that Vignatelli’s legacy lives on.

To maintain authenticity, Silvia Venturini Fendi has ensured that the fashion house’s design traditions are maintained. Its first creative project will be at the Salone del Mobile exhibition in January 2022.

This collaboration will see Design Holding, which owns various reputable home products brands get a better position in the luxury design sector. Combining elegant and classy Fendi’s products and the professional Design Holding’s leadership is a sure way of a winning partnership.

How Fendi Casa Continues to Thrive After Getting Sold

How Fendi Casa Continues to Thrive After Getting Sold

What Makes Fendi Casa Furniture Stand Out

The Fendi Casa collection producers don’t compromise on the tiny details. Their common denominator is excellence, and there is no room for mistakes. They ensure that this excellence is in harmony with their brand’s philosophy.

Ranging from sofas, poufs, and beds, they make all types of luxury furniture with detail and quality finishes making their products to stand out from the rest in the industry. Their 2020 collection oozed style and elegance as it referenced the worlds of nature, fashion, and color. Timeless luxury was not an exception either as they are in the market of making a statement and fulfilling their customers’ needs.

The Bottom Line

The future of Fendi Casa is bright as they continue to partner with leading brands in the market. If you are in Houston and on a hunt for high-quality luxury furniture, [3] we stock some of the best pieces from Fendi Casa. Be Design has been delivering the best furniture to customers across Houston for years. Get in touch with us today so that we can help you choose the right furniture for your home, whether you are looking to upgrade or replace your old furniture.



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