What Makes the New B&B Italia Furniture a Must-Have?

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August 5, 2021

What do you consider when choosing furniture? Is it style, color, or how it will look in your home? Well, with the new B&B Italia furniture, you don’t have to choose as they have brought everything together.

B&B Italia has introduced their new landscape collection and clients cannot get enough of it. They intend to help their customers change their home experiences. As many people have started working from home more, there is a great need for the right furniture. Here [1] are some of the factors you should consider getting B&B Italia furniture for your home.

They Make Your House’s landscape Evolve

The B&B Italia new collection of furniture is designed to bring an evolving landscape to your home through not only function but also an architectural necessity. Since we have made our living spaces a place to relax, dine, work, and socialize, it is prudent that we want an evolved landscape to accommodate all these functions.

Versatility and Unique Design

What Makes the New B&B Italia Furniture a Must-Have?Another great thing about some of the B&B Italia furniture, especially the sculptural blitz is that you can use it either as a desk or a dining table. The piece comes in a style reminiscent of a suspension bridge that has bamboo on the exterior.

Its style makes this piece an unusual option for indoor use, with slim, flat, and legs shaped like lightning bolts. The wood is made with natural grain and left exposed to display the brand’s unmatched craftsmanship and quality. The surface contrasts the table’s interior, which comes lined in a soft black finish, making it look like it is floating on curved shadows. Now, that is one stylish versatile piece.

Artistic Pieces

What Makes the New B&B Italia Furniture a Must-Have?Are you an art lover? Showcase your passion with Mario Bellini’s cutter chair that is slashed in two. It features strong and decisive aesthetics which are extremely functional. Its twin backrests offer comfort from the front position and you will also feel relaxed when they are in the lateral position.

You can choose to sit in multiple ways on this seat, switching sides according to your preference. It makes it easier for the user to switch positions when socializing with family or friends in different directions. If you need to use it as a task chair, you can face front-on. Any position you choose offers you a comfortable feeling and relaxation.

Variety of Material Used

If you are used to the same plain materials when buying your furniture, especially seats, you will love the variety offered by B&B Italia. Their cutter chair is not only functional but artistic too. They have manufactured it using a wide variety of material options to choose from. The manufacturers used metal to design the seating frame and webbing. They proceeded to soften it using classic polyurethane upholstery. The double backrest is made of an elegant harmonic steel core, which they then enveloped in grain thick leather and underlined by saddle stitching.

Where to Buy

Are you in Houston and looking for the latest collection of B&B Italia? Look no further as we [2] have them in stock. Located in Houston, Be Design is your go-to website for all your lighting, furniture, and rugs needs. Contact us today for the best quote, and we will help you transform your living room.



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