Founded in Nova Milanese in 1954, Zanotta has reigned as one of the leading brands in Italian furniture design for decades. With a rich and diverse collection of design products that carry everything from sofas and beds to tables and chairs, Zanotta is a star on the international design scene.

The initial focus of the company was simply on the production of sofas and armchairs, but founder Aurelio Zanotta recognized that a new form of cultural expression could be reimagined in furniture design. Driven by instinct and a deeply creative mind, Zanotta’s revolutionary mindset led the company to collaborations with some of the most legendary icons in Italian design.

A Recognized Leader in Italian Industrial Design

Zanotta’s products are 100% made in Italy, with most of the production taking place in their Nova Milanese factories and some models that are entrusted to select Italian suppliers. Once produced, the commercial distribution of the Zanotta collections is managed by more than 800 selected retailers in over 60 countries.

The story of Zanotta has been written over 6 successful decades of hard work and ingenuity. During that time, the brand has produced a staggering 550 unique designs, nearly a fifth of which reside in permanent collections at some of the world’s most prestigious museums and institutions. As beautiful as Zanotta’s pieces look from behind glass walls and velvet ropes, they are deliberately designed to be enjoyed in daily life.  Zanotta is, without question, one of the world’s most widely recognized leaders in Italian industrial design.

Zanotta: Notable Awards and Collaborations

Throughout its illustrious career, Zanotta has worked closely with many of the world’s most masterful designers. Zanotta’s current catalogue incorporates the visions of 131 designers hailing from 18 countries all over the world. Each of these visions is marked by exceptional degrees of beauty and diversity. The common thread that runs through each individual item created by each unique designer is Zanotta’s signature flair for originality.

Today, 310 pieces from Zanotta collections are featured in 53 museums around the world. The company has produced 57 award-winning designs, has been the recipient of 9 international recognitions, and has won 4 Compasso d’Oro awards. Many of Zanotta’s products are recognized as icons of true design, representing landmark innovations in elements like technology and form. Some of the brand’s longtime best sellers, such as the Sacco, Leonardo, and Tonietta, remain just as sought after now as when they were launched.

Zanotta For Sale Online on Archiproducts

In addition to the 800 physical retailers around the world that feature their critically-acclaimed products, Zanotta has also expanded into the world of e-commerce with an online resale presence on the Archiproducts platform. Shop for Zanotta furniture products online for a timeless combination of elegance and functionality.