Founded in 1959 in the Brianza furniture manufacturing district in Italy, Flexform played a massive role in the global phenomenon of Italian-made furniture. What began as an artisan workshop soon turned into an industrial facility following the success of the first Flexform showroom. In the 1970’s, the modern Italian style interior design company saw a major shift in their product line as they began to move more towards unique, contemporary furniture designs. This decade also marked the moment in time when Flexform expanded beyond the Italian market.

Over the next several years, Flexform went on to open a series of flagship furniture stores all over the world. Now, with over 60 years of experience in the production of high-end sofas and armchairs, Flexform stands for comfort, quality, and exclusivity. Creativity and harmony are evident in every piece, as traditional furniture style is combined with contemporary elements to create refined and timeless collections.


Since hitting the ground in northern Italy, Flexform has continued to produce every piece from start to finish at their production plant in Brianza, making the company a 100% Italian success. The ‘Made in Italy’ label represents more than simply the location where a piece was created; it represents the determination and heart of a family-run business with deeply embedded roots in their culture and history. The modern Italian style interior design company firmly believes that without the understanding of its history, it would not be able to move into its future. Now in its third generation, Flexform has been run by the Galimberti family since its foundation with no signs of slowing down.


Today, Flexform furnishes some of the most incredible spaces in the world. From furnishing hotels in Arabia to upscale lofts in Australia, the modern Italian style interior design company has gained international success through its unique and stunning collections. The Flexform brand can be found in over 90 countries around the world, with 22 flagship stores and 100 shops. Renowned for its refined collections of versatile and beautiful furniture, Flexform utilizes a wide range of materials, fabrics, and finishes to ensure that every piece is unique.

Fine materials like linen, cotton, cashmere, velvet, leather, wood, glass, and marble are used throughout the Flexform luxury furniture collections to establish elegance and style. The modern Italian style interior design company seeks to achieve superior levels of elegance without being over the top, to promote a calm and comforting atmosphere. This goal is achieved through the skillful use of color and the combination of natural fabrics with neutral tones. The beautiful and functional made-in-Italy furniture produced by Flexform continues to amaze the global audience. Shop this luxury furniture at BeDESIGN, the best furniture store in Houston today!

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