The Residence at The Allen Lobby


Step into the grandeur of The Residence at The Allen Lobby, where opulence meets contemporary sophistication

Designed by the dynamic duo of Chelsea Arellano and Marcelo Saenz, this lobby embodies luxury living at its finest. With FENDI Casa as the cornerstone brand, every detail of the luxury furniture exudes elegance and refinement, creating a space that transcends mere functionality to become a true work of art.


Key Features:

Illuminating the space with grace and glamor, the Dame Table Lamps by FENDI Casa cast a warm glow, adding an inviting ambiance to the lobby’s atmosphere.


Offering a harmonious blend of comfort and style, the Kathy Armchair envelops guests in plush luxury, inviting them to relax and unwind in ultimate sophistication.


The epitome of modern elegance, the Sandia Sofa Sectional by FENDI Casa commands attention with its sleek lines and sumptuous upholstery, providing ample seating for residents and visitors alike.


A masterpiece of luxury furniture design, the Erring Side Table serves as both a functional accent piece and a statement of refined taste, elevating the lobby’s aesthetic with its exquisite craftsmanship.

Anchoring the space with its bold presence, the Metropolis Coffee Table exudes contemporary flair, providing a focal point around which guests can gather and socialize.


Adding a touch of luxury and warmth, the Bajadera Throw by FENDI Casa drapes elegantly over seating, infusing the lobby with texture and style.


The Residence at The Allen Lobby is more than just an entryway; it’s a reflection of the artistry and vision of its luxury furniture designers. Explore our gallery to experience the allure and sophistication of this extraordinary space.


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