4 Of Our Favorite Italian Furniture Brands

4 Of Our Favorite Italian Furniture Brands

December 2, 2022

4 Of Our Favorite Italian Furniture Brands

BeDesign believes in only carrying the finest quality in luxury furniture for your home or office here in Houston, Texas. We believe that if you want to be your best, you should be surrounded by the best, which means European furniture that speaks to your idea of beauty and refinement. Below, we’ll take a look at four of our favorite Italian furniture brands. Stop by for a consultation today!


B&B Italia

Founded in 1966, B&B Italia has made a name for itself in offering luxury furniture that offers a contemporary feel while anticipating trends in European furniture. They are on the cutting edge of modern furniture design, crafting beauty at every turn.

Baxter Made in Italy

Baxter Made in Italy crafts modern furniture that uses the past to inspire and innovate furniture for the future that is beautiful, functional, and classic by design, giving you timeless pieces you can enjoy for years to come. They believe furniture can invoke a certain mood, and with every modern furniture design, they aim to please.

bar cart cabinet


Flexform is an Italian European furniture company that aims to create beauty in the everyday items of life, such as the furniture that you sit on. They offer indoor and outdoor furniture selections that are minimalistic, yet sophisticated, to meet their customers’ refined tastes.


Maxalto embraces timeless qualities that result in marvelous pieces of European furniture that clients love. This includes using the highest quality materials, assembled with the best craftsmanship and technology, for a stylistic coherence that is innovative, harmonizing, and simply mesmerizing.


BeDesign partners with these Italian furniture brands because their designs embody our values and beliefs. When you partner with our European furniture store in Houston, you can expect to have the perfect design for your indoor and outdoor space. To get started, schedule a complimentary design consultation today.

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Why You Should Invest In Custom Furniture From BeDesign

Why You Should Invest In Custom Furniture From BeDesign

December 2, 2022

Why You Should Invest In Custom Furniture From BeDesign

If you’re considering investing in custom furniture for your home, there are plenty of reasons to choose BeDesign. Our Houston-based European furniture store has got all of the goodies for you. Here are just a few of the many reasons why custom European furniture from BeDesign is a great investment. Stop by today!


Consultations With Experts

Our furniture experts have years of experience in the finest brands of European furniture and design. We are able to help you elevate your space to the level you desire. From high-end upholstery and contemporary exterior furniture to lighting and custom wardrobes, we’ve got your needs covered.

Custom and Personalized Luxury 

Our mission is to make your spaces completely customized to your needs and tastes. This is why we use only the highest quality brands for your spaces in order to create a personalized luxury that you’ll love. From Dada and Fendi Casa to B&B Italia, you’ll love the look and feel of our European furniture.


Modern and Contemporary Designs

While we recognize that there’s a time and place for vintage and antique furniture, our clientele have consistently told us that they want modern and contemporary designs for their living spaces. Here at BeDesign, you’ll find the absolute best bedroom, kitchen, dining room, and more modern furniture in Houston.

Made and Sourced in Italy

We carry exclusive modern designs that are made and sourced in Italy, adding a touch of refinery to every corner of your space. With exquisite detail and an eye for refinement, we believe you’ll love our European furniture from the best Italian brands. See for yourself today.


Let BeDesign bring your space luxury at its finest with our European furniture designs. Our interior designers are here to meet your goals for your customized space. Get started for modern furniture in Houston today!

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5 Interior Design Trends to Look Out For in 2022

Over the past year, COVID-19 has changed many aspects of our daily lives. Now, it’s no surprise that these changes are affecting the way people are looking at interior design.

Our design team at BeDESIGN has rounded up some of the top interior design trends to look out for in 2022, so you can be ready for what’s next. If you want to be ahead of the curve and get in on the latest trends before they arrive, we’ve got you covered.

Here are the top 5 interior design trends to look out for in 2022:

Here are the top 5 interior design trends to look out for in 2022

1. Natural Tones

With so many people spending more time than ever at home in 2021, the consensus seems to be that the world is over bright colors and ready for more natural tones. In place of bold and bright colors, we can expect to see more natural shades of blue, green, and gray in the coming year.

2. Minimalism

This has been a growing trend in the past few years and you can expect to see it taken a step further next year. Minimalism in interior design is all about carefully selecting furniture

pieces and artwork that have meaning and purpose, while leaving plenty of open air and space in each room.

3. Office Space

If 2020-2021 taught us anything about interior design, it’s that working from the kitchen table is not ideal. Even as we slowly return to the office, many people have recognized the need for some type of home office. Whether this is a separate room or a nook in an existing room, we can expect to see people making additions to allow for a suitable working solution.

4. Nature and Greenery

After being stuck at home for an extended period of time, many people found that their mental health was negatively impacted. Bringing nature into the home is an effective way of promoting positivity, so many people have begun to incorporate more of it into their interior design. In 2022, we can expect to see this trend continue into more home gardens, natural textiles, and greenery walls.

Here are the top 5 interior design trends to look out for in 2022

5. Soft Lines and Roundness

As we grow closer to 2022, interior designers around the world are shifting their styles from the sharp, geometric designs of the past. Now more than ever, people want their homes to feel comfortable and inviting. In the coming year, expect to see rounder and softer shapes in everything from furniture to doorways and artwork.

Luxury Furniture Online at BeDESIGN

Now that you know the interior design trends to look out for in 2022, it’s time to get ahead of the curve and start shopping. If you are looking for luxury furniture that shines in both quality and style, you have come to the right place. Our design professionals at BeDESIGN can provide you with expert guidance on how to select furniture pieces that match your style.

Our expansive collection of luxury furniture is filled with pieces that are guaranteed to make a statement in any space. Contact us today at BeDESIGN to bring your vision to life.

What Makes the New B&B Italia Furniture a Must-Have?

August 5, 2021

What do you consider when choosing furniture? Is it style, color, or how it will look in your home? Well, with the new B&B Italia furniture, you don’t have to choose as they have brought everything together.

B&B Italia has introduced their new landscape collection and clients cannot get enough of it. They intend to help their customers change their home experiences. As many people have started working from home more, there is a great need for the right furniture. Here [1] are some of the factors you should consider getting B&B Italia furniture for your home.

They Make Your House’s landscape Evolve

The B&B Italia new collection of furniture is designed to bring an evolving landscape to your home through not only function but also an architectural necessity. Since we have made our living spaces a place to relax, dine, work, and socialize, it is prudent that we want an evolved landscape to accommodate all these functions.

Versatility and Unique Design

What Makes the New B&B Italia Furniture a Must-Have?Another great thing about some of the B&B Italia furniture, especially the sculptural blitz is that you can use it either as a desk or a dining table. The piece comes in a style reminiscent of a suspension bridge that has bamboo on the exterior.

Its style makes this piece an unusual option for indoor use, with slim, flat, and legs shaped like lightning bolts. The wood is made with natural grain and left exposed to display the brand’s unmatched craftsmanship and quality. The surface contrasts the table’s interior, which comes lined in a soft black finish, making it look like it is floating on curved shadows. Now, that is one stylish versatile piece.

Artistic Pieces

What Makes the New B&B Italia Furniture a Must-Have?Are you an art lover? Showcase your passion with Mario Bellini’s cutter chair that is slashed in two. It features strong and decisive aesthetics which are extremely functional. Its twin backrests offer comfort from the front position and you will also feel relaxed when they are in the lateral position.

You can choose to sit in multiple ways on this seat, switching sides according to your preference. It makes it easier for the user to switch positions when socializing with family or friends in different directions. If you need to use it as a task chair, you can face front-on. Any position you choose offers you a comfortable feeling and relaxation.

Variety of Material Used

If you are used to the same plain materials when buying your furniture, especially seats, you will love the variety offered by B&B Italia. Their cutter chair is not only functional but artistic too. They have manufactured it using a wide variety of material options to choose from. The manufacturers used metal to design the seating frame and webbing. They proceeded to soften it using classic polyurethane upholstery. The double backrest is made of an elegant harmonic steel core, which they then enveloped in grain thick leather and underlined by saddle stitching.

Where to Buy

Are you in Houston and looking for the latest collection of B&B Italia? Look no further as we [2] have them in stock. Located in Houston, Be Design is your go-to website for all your lighting, furniture, and rugs needs. Contact us today for the best quote, and we will help you transform your living room.

How Fendi Casa Continues to Thrive After Getting Sold

August 5, 2021

How Fendi Casa Continues to Thrive After Getting Sold If you are into luxury furniture, you must have heard the name, Fendi Casa. The [1] LVMH-owned brand has hit the headlines yet again. They launched a joint venture with Design Holding, an Italian design group that also distributes products such as B&B Italia and Flos lighting.

Design Holding is backed by Investindustrial and Carlyle Group. They became the major shareholder in this partnership to help Fendi Casa increase their presence in homecare. The project was led by Silvia Venturini Fendi, who provided the project with creative guidance. The project will be revealed in January during Milan’s Salone del Mobile design show.

What Prompted the Move

After [2] the demise of Alberto Vignatelli, the Living Luxury producer in 2017, everything changed. The company was bought by Lifestyle Design Group, a rival Italian furniture group that was formerly known as Poltrona Frau. This led to the loss of the Fendi Casa license, marking the end of an era. Vignatelli led the expansion of the fashion industry to become licensed furniture in the late ‘80s.

Reinventing the Brand

After the partnership, Fendi Casa, which specializes in home accessories and luxury furniture restarted its operations with the new partner. The first order of business was to enter a new development era by relaunching its luxury collection.

The joint venture was named Fashion Furniture Design, whose aim is to make interior pieces and furniture in the luxury industry. The venture has put Fendi Casa’s name on the international market, ensuring that Vignatelli’s legacy lives on.

To maintain authenticity, Silvia Venturini Fendi has ensured that the fashion house’s design traditions are maintained. Its first creative project will be at the Salone del Mobile exhibition in January 2022.

This collaboration will see Design Holding, which owns various reputable home products brands get a better position in the luxury design sector. Combining elegant and classy Fendi’s products and the professional Design Holding’s leadership is a sure way of a winning partnership.

How Fendi Casa Continues to Thrive After Getting Sold

How Fendi Casa Continues to Thrive After Getting Sold

What Makes Fendi Casa Furniture Stand Out

The Fendi Casa collection producers don’t compromise on the tiny details. Their common denominator is excellence, and there is no room for mistakes. They ensure that this excellence is in harmony with their brand’s philosophy.

Ranging from sofas, poufs, and beds, they make all types of luxury furniture with detail and quality finishes making their products to stand out from the rest in the industry. Their 2020 collection oozed style and elegance as it referenced the worlds of nature, fashion, and color. Timeless luxury was not an exception either as they are in the market of making a statement and fulfilling their customers’ needs.

The Bottom Line

The future of Fendi Casa is bright as they continue to partner with leading brands in the market. If you are in Houston and on a hunt for high-quality luxury furniture, [3] we stock some of the best pieces from Fendi Casa. Be Design has been delivering the best furniture to customers across Houston for years. Get in touch with us today so that we can help you choose the right furniture for your home, whether you are looking to upgrade or replace your old furniture.

10 Unique Tables To Elevate Your Interior Design

Everyone wants the interior design in their home to be statement worthy. A beautiful, show-stopping interior space can be achieved through an accent wall design, a gorgeous wall of windows, or a truly unique piece of furniture. Use these one-of-a-kind interior design tables as inspiration for a statement furniture piece in your home.

Panier Table – This transparent, acid green table is the perfect addition to an eclectic space. The opaqueness ensures the table will not feel bulky. An added bonus is that the top is removable, allowing you to store magazines or blankets inside.

Photo by Hive Modern


Homage to Miro Table – With its organic, kidney bean shaped top and pedestal base, this table adds a great pop of teal to your space. Perfect as a coffee table or end table, try nesting this piece with another version of the table in a complimentary color.


Photo by 1stDibs


Sonali Dining Table – With a base made of stacked circles and half circles, this dining table provides interest in its structure rather than color. It would be perfect to pair with a bright colored or patterned set of dining chairs.


Photo by Anthropologie


Luisa Table – This seamless end table is made from eco-friendly material and holds its own as almost a sculpture-like piece. It is covered with multi-color speckles.


Photo by Goodee


Bone Inlay Coffee Table – While typical in its shape, this coffee table features a zig-zagged repetitive pattern across the sides and top. This table is sure to be a conversation started in a relaxed, modern home.

Photo by 1800lighting


Retro Cassette Coffee Table – This retro coffee table would be a great addition to a game room or basement hangout. The custom piece features built-in cupholders and mimics the look of a cassette tape.

Photo by RowickRooms


Arteriors 2100 Cocktail Table – For an elevated look in a Hollywood glam interior, this cocktail table is sure to turn heads. The warm antique brass finish and subtle curves around the perimeter offer a luxurious feel.

Photo by Get Lighting


Beacon Cocktail Table – Another one of the interior design tables that fits perfectly in a glamorous design, this cocktail table features a gold accent on the base. The core is inlay pattern of black resin with a rounded transition from the legs to the top.

Photo by Burke Decor

Cantilever Table – This ultra-contemporary piece is supported by just one end giving it the cantilevered name. With a recycled, polished stainless steel finish it will reflect the decor items placed on top.

Quartz Elisheba Love Coffee Table – This one-of-a-kind hand-sculpted coffee table is made of a gorgeous pink hued quartz. This coffee table is the ultimate addition to a space with extremely high-end design.

To find other unique interior design tables, check out BeDesign! We offer a large, sophisticated selection of luxury designer furniture. Our design professionals will guide you through your selection process to help you land on the perfect furniture, lighting, or accent piece for your beautiful space!

Interior Design 101

July 2, 2021
News, Press

Interior Design 101 - Be designWhether you are starting with a blank space or want to refresh your current home, successfully styling a room can be a challenging task. If you struggle to make furniture and decor look cohesive and intentional, it might be a good idea to understand the basics of interior design and decorating. Balancing style, color, pattern, and texture certainly takes a trained eye, but it is a process that can be learned by all.


Narrowing in on your interior design style is the first step you will want to take when styling a new space. There are hundreds of variations of design styles and they can be taken in many different directions. You will want to start with style in a very general sense and then focus in. Do you prefer a more modern style or more traditional? Modern elements will incorporate straight lines and feel a little inorganic whereas traditional elements will feature curves and turns and natural textures. Once you decide on a more modern or more traditional approach to your design, you will pull in other design styles. Examples of modern interior design styles include industrial, mid-century modern, and contemporary. Examples of traditional interior design styles include classic, rustic, and transitional. Elements from all design styles can be combined together if done so in an intentional way. You will want to use a balanced number of pieces from each design style you wish to blend. If you need help understanding what each design style looks like, there are lots of resources online from blogs to social media posts that can help you see what types of furniture and decor are used for each particular style.


Color is a very important aspect of interior design. There are two aspects to consider when determining the color palette for your space: how much color you will use and what shades of color. You might decide to have a relatively neutral space by using mostly shades of white, beige, brown, grey, and black. Or you could design a very bold, colorful space using bright colors on your walls and in your main furniture pieces. Or you could find a balance between the two focusing on just a few pops of color in the mostly neutral space. There are no rights or wrongs when it comes to color as long as it is used in a cohesive manner.  After deciding how much color you want to use, you will determine the exact colors to use. The color wheel might come in handy for you here as colors that are exactly opposite from each other tend to pair well together – think blue and orange or purple and yellow. If you are opting for a more neutral color palette with a few pops of color, using earth tones is usually a safe bet. Earth tones are more muted versions of colors such as maroon, golden yellow, sage green, or sky blue.


To bring additional interest to your design, incorporate patterns and textures. Use complimentary patterns on sofas, accent chairs, and rugs. Patterns can also be incorporated in artwork. Patterns can be subtle using just a few colors or more bold. Common patterns used in fabrics include plaid, gingham, and buffalo check. In more neutral designs where you most likely will not use many patterns, it is important to focus on textures. Textures add visual interest without the need for much variation in color. You can add texture by using drapery, rugs, blankets, baskets, pillows, and other similar items.

If you are ready to get started with designing your own interior space, contact BeDESIGN today! Our expert team of interior design professionals can help guide you along the way as you select furniture pieces that fit your style, color, pattern, and texture preferences. We offer a sophisticated collection of designer furniture guaranteed to max a statement in your space.

Top 6 Most Expensive Pieces of Furniture

Luxurious expensive furniture is carefully selected to decorate the homes of millionaires and billionaires. The luxury furniture market has experienced a 4% increase in the last five years, as the rich and famous invest in high-quality furniture pieces, during a period of tremendous economic growth. The domestic market doubles the commercial furniture market, because the big dollars are spent for home comfort. In a commercial environment the bottom-line usually trumps luxury.

Antiques Rule the Luxury Furniture Market

It’s equally important for high-end customers to have high design pieces. They want a clear design focus for their spaces and typically hire professional interior designers. Now everyone wants a home worthy of a spread in the best home design magazines. Some individuals prefer more modern furniture options, while others lean towards antique pieces. Antiques are highly sought after and can fetch incredible prices at auction.

The furniture pieces that sell for the most at auction typically have a few things in common. The pieces are most often antique, wood, handcrafted by master designers and furniture makers, and are extremely high quality with luxurious accents like gems. Christie’s in the United Kingdom and Sotheby’s in the United States are widely trusted and used among the rich to auction valuable antique pieces. Antiques collectors will often jump at the chance to own these once-in-a-lifetime pieces, driving the prices up to amazing heights.

Let’s look into the 6 most expensive furniture pieces ever sold

1.   $36.7 Million – The Badminton Cabinet

This Badminton Cabinet has beat the record for the most expensive furniture sale, not once but twice! The Cabinet was preserved and protected by the original owner’s descendants for almost 300 years before it was placed up for auction the first time in 1999. It sold for $26.2 Million in 1999 and then beat the record again, selling for $36.7 Million in 2004. Originally commissioned by Henry Somerset, the 3rd Duke of Beaufort in 1726. Over 30 master cabinet and furniture makers worked on the pieces for six years. The Cabinet was made in Florence, before residing in Gloucestershire for nearly 300 years. It can now be found in the Liechtenstein Museum for visitors to view the beautiful precious stones, fleur-de-lis, and coat of arms.

2.   $26.6 Million – The ‘Dragons’ Armchair

This piece shocked the antique market when it sold for $26.6 Million in 2009. The ‘Dragons’ Armchair was originally listed for auction for $2.3 Million but amid a collector rush, the price was pushed up before Cheska Vallois won. The Armchair was designed by Eileen Gray and completed between 1917 to 1919. This makes the ‘Dragons’ Armchair the most expensive piece of 20th century art, at this time. The chair is upholstered in luxurious brown leather and with a singular piece of wood, providing the frame. This lacquered frame was sculpted into the flowing bodies of two dragons, whose black eyes sit at the arm-rest position.

3.   $11.4 Million – The Antique Secretary Desk

This astounding antique sold in 1989 for $11.4 Million. Originally built by Gooddard and Townsend, master cabinet and desk makers, in the 1760s. Only 9 of these secretary desks were created. In 1989, this piece set the record for the most expensive piece of American made furniture ever sold. The Quaker designers were well-known for designing cabinets with unique carved shell designs. This Secretary Desk, even in the 1760s, was built to provide function and form, while showcasing great wealth.

4.   $5 Million – The Harrington Commode

 The Harrington Commode is a chest of drawers built in the 18th century. While the designer, Thomas Chippendale, is well-revered and his pieces garner great interest and prices whenever they come on the market, this $5 Million dollar sale places it in the top five most expensive pieces of furniture. This Commode is the most expensive piece of English-made furniture. The Commode was crafted with rosewood and tulipwood and is an excellent example of Chippendale’s neoclassical pieces.

5.   $4.6 Million – The Tufft Table

The Tufft Table is a beautifully crafted table in the Rococo style of the early 18th century. This style is especially recognized by it’s ornate lightness and curving forms. The table is named after its designer, Thomas Tufft, who hand-carved the piece around 1775. The Tufft Table was commissioned by Richard Edwards of New Jersey. The table has an intricate carved framework.

6.   $3.9 Million – The George II Parcel Gilt Padauk Cabinet

Thomas Chippendale is the only designer to show up twice on this list. In 2008, the George II Parcel Gilt Padauk Cabinet sold for $3.9 million at a Sotheby’s auction. The cabinet is set on an intricate stand and features beautiful gold pagoda canopies. Padauk is a type of luxurious wood from the Pterocarpus tree found in central and west Africa. The wood was selected for its durability and beautiful red color, which transitions to purple-brown with age.

Antiques On Display

These amazing top 6 most expensive pieces of furniture truly showcase how expert craftsmanship and high-quality pieces are highly desired. Auctioneers have been pleasantly surprised by the continued interest in these costly pieces, seeing final bids eclipse the expected prices. Many of these pieces have stood the test of time and been kept in excellent shape. Owners of high-quality antique pieces often display them proudly as centerpieces in their homes, showcasing wealth and status.

What is European furniture?

February 8, 2021

What is European furniture?  European furniture consists of several different styles that have evolved throughout history. From Italian Renaissance to Rococo and beyond, there is much to love about each iconic European style and their illustrious histories dating all the way back to prehistoric times.

Here, we’ll learn a lesson in some of that history along with a brief description of each European furniture style.
European furniture styles and history

European pieces of furniture have been found going back to prehistoric times, when they were made of stone. Since then, they have evolved into iconic styles that coincide with a number of eras throughout European history. Let’s revisit those eras.

Medieval (5th-15th century) – Most medieval pieces were square or rectangular shaped and used neutral colors such as grey, black or beige. An iconic example of medieval design is the canopy bed. During medieval times, furniture was considered a luxury.

Italian Renaissance (15th-16th century) – The Renaissance is remembered as a period of European social change, creativity, and a cultural movement that forever changed how we look at art, architecture, politics, science and literature. This way of thinking is reflected in Renaissance style European furniture. At this point in history, furniture was a symbol of status and featured large designs with artistic pieces made of walnut or chestnut woods.

French styles (17th-18th century) – First, there was the Baroque era, which began in Italy but became prominent in France. Baroque is remembered for its ornamentation and exotic woods like mahogany and ebony. The elaborate detail in design from Baroque, especially with cupboards, still resonates to this day.

Later in the 18th century came the Rococo style. Originating in France, the Rococo era featured furniture with elaborate ornaments (similarly to Baroque) as well as curved lines. This style was characterized by its many different designs. The chaise lounge is an example of Rococo style furniture that remains prominent today.

What is European furniture?Neoclassical (Late 18th-early 19th century) – The Neoclassical style is reminiscent of the Ancient Greek times. Its architecture consisted of Greek characterizations such as columns, foliate scrolls, pilasters and flutes. Neoclassical woods are dark and often are made up of oak or walnut. Legs of the furniture often are curved.

Art Nouveau (1890-1910) – Art Nouveau translates to “New Art” and is inspired by nature in its designs. It was influenced by a movement against Industrialization in Europe during the late 1800s. Art Nouveau designs are renowned for their attention to detail and commended for their quality craftsmanship.

Art Deco (1920 -1945) – After Art Nouveau came Art Deco, which presented a more modern style of furniture. Art Deco furniture usually consists of straight lines and geometric shapes contrary to Art Nouveau’s naturally fluid lines in its design. This era celebrated luxury and modernity and incorporated metals, such as aluminum and stainless steel, were prominent in the furniture’s architecture.

Why choose European furniture?

If you are searching for furniture with a taste of history that adds an elegant touch to your living space, you can do no better than European style furniture. But first, with such a variety of styles to choose from, you will want to carefully select the style that matches your desires.

In addition, you will want to pick furniture with the following qualities:

  • Smooth, elegant lines
  • A profound culture
  • Qualified material
  • Graceful style and design

If you find a style of European furniture that matches that description, you undoubtedly will be satisfied with your decision.

BeDesign CEO Orchestrates Private Fundraiser for Elton John Aids Foundation

March 9, 2018

The Friday before the Oscars, a curated cocktail reception was thrown at a private residence in the Hollywood hills in support of The Elton John Aids Foundation fundraising efforts.

Designed and orchestrated by Houston’s very own Adrian Duenas of BeDesign, with exclusive pieces by Paola Lenti, the event included a silent auction of items including a work by Mr. Brainwash and appetizers by El Celler de Can Roca Head Chef Joan Roca.

The event was hosted by BBVA Compass L.A. City President Stephen Flynn, Viewing Party Host David Furnish and Co-hosts Sandra Lee and Judith Light.

All designs are suitable for a pharmacy, and if you order a , then you can do this via the Internet.